Protecting You and Your Company From Fraudulent Claims

Conducting fraud investigations in Philadelphia and the entirety of PA and NJ

Do you believe an individual is overstating their injuries or falsely claiming unemployment? Fraud is a terrible crime. It can be devastating for the person and/or the company that is the victim of someone’s suspicious and selfish act.
Hopson Associates provides fraud investigation services in Philadelphia and throughout the rest of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our investigator will identify the culprit and find evidence of what they have done to you or your business.

We’ll get to the bottom of it

Hopson Associates works with doctors, lawyers and other parties to determine if a current or former employee or client is committing fraud. Our skilled investigators will:

  • Conduct discreet and covert interviews
  • Surveil and monitor the person in question
  • Gather physical evidence to support your case

If you have a strong hunch, it’s worth it to hire a private investigator for a fraud investigation. Otherwise, you and your business could be at risk. Contact Hopson Associates today for more information.