Find Out If Your Employee Is Stealing From You

Completing corporate investigations in Philadelphia and throughout PA and NJ

Employees have access to valuable information at your company, but you've put your trust in them. You believe they will do well. Unfortunately, many people have hidden motives - and some take advantage of the opportunities given to them. If you have a suspicion that one of your employees is stealing from your company, contact Hopson Associates.

Don't let them get away with it

Hopson Associates works with companies across Pennsylvania and New Jersey to conduct thorough corporate investigations into employee habits. We've investigated both current and former employees to determine if they have stolen from a company. This includes stealing money, goods or intelligence. Our investigators will:

  • Check account irregularities, supply changes and other suspicious acts
  • Figure out which individual committed the misconduct
  • Use counter surveillance methods (bugs, transmitters, etc.)

All of this is to work toward finding physical evidence of misconduct. Get in touch with Hopson Associates today and put our investigative teams to work for you 856-406-6201.