Find Out More About a Potential Employee

Conducting background checks in Philadelphia and the rest of PA and NJ

When you are screening different candidates for a position at your company, you want to make sure the person isn’t hiding anything. A background check is the easiest way to uncover important pre-employment information about an individual. The type of information given from a background check may not come up during a client interview process. A formal check will uncover any necessary info that a candidate may or may not have revealed otherwise.

Hopson Associates conducts background checks in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area. We’ll use the proper routes to uncover information about an individual for you to review before you sign them on for the job. 

Conduct Background Checks

Find out what you need to know

Background checks can reveal an extensive amount of information about an individual, if need be. A significant amount of pre-employment information can be found through general public searching, but our investigators use their years of experience to provide a full and accurate picture of applicants including

  • Past criminal activity
  • Prior workers comp claims
  • Medical records
  • Driving records
  • Credit history

Don’t hire the wrong person. Find out everything you need to know about their past and present. Reach out to Hopson Associates today for more information about our background check services.