About Hopson Associates

Our staff, comprised of national and international investigative experts, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and global informational databases while incorporating a professional network of worldwide associates. The goal at Hopson Associates is to provide the very best services: civil and criminal, corporate, financial, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, litigation support, insurance investigations and pre-employment screening. Clients of Hopson Associates consist of major law firms in the tri-state area along with numerous corporations and businesses operating both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

Hopson Associates is committed to constant evaluation of our priorities and initiatives to meet the new challenges of the technological revolution and the growing complexities of corporate and individual needs. The world economy is continually evolving, therefore, the investigative and security demands of our clients are complex and ever changing. Throughout, we strive to achieve our primary mission of providing the finest professionalism to serve the requirements of our clients in all phases of investigations and security. We will continue to support our commitment to staff excellence, enhance our technology and promote innovation.

Hopson Associates Investigative Staff

Stephen G. Hopson

Mr. Hopson enjoyed an exemplary career as a Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration. He began his career in Philadelphia, where he conducted and supervised complex investigations. His supervisory and management positions within the DEA gave Mr. Hopson extensive investigative experience. He is considered an expert in the field of undercover operations and investigative techniques.

Mr. Hopson served as Chief of Technical Operations in the Chicago Field Division of the DEA, supervising all covert electronic surveillance and eavesdropping installations. He also served as Supervisory Special Agent of the Narcotic Enforcement Activities. He was appointed as the DEA’s Representative and Consultant for the Drug Awareness & Prevention Program advising all professional sports teams, their management and ownership. Mr. Hopson was also the recipient of the DEA’s highest and most prestigious award, the Administrator’s Award, for his undercover work and case development into both domestic and international organized crime.

Stephen G. Coolahan

Mr. Coolahan has worked in the investigative field for the past twenty-five years, covering all aspects of civil, criminal and insurance investigations. Mr. Coolahan has coordinated numerous undercover investigations with the appropriate federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. He oversees and manages the daily operations of the investigative and security staff, as well as staff development and training. Mr. Coolahan also manages all surveillances, ranging from a one-unit surveillance to the utilization of aerial surveillance when required. He has provided testimony on the local, county, state and federal levels. Mr. Coolahan's career also included distinguished service with the United States Airborne Rangers.

James T. McAleer

James T. McAleer is a graduate of John J. College of Criminal Justice and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. McAleer began his career as a New York City police officer and patrolled in Mid-Manhattan and Harlem for eight years. He then served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for twenty-one years. His duties as an FBI agent included fugitive, bank robbery, organized crime, narcotic, as well as political corruption investigations. Mr. McAleer also worked undercover targeting high-level narcotic traffickers. He also served as the Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator for the Philadelphia Division. During his career with the FBI, he was the Employee Assistance Program representative conducting presentations to parents, educators and businesses. After his retirement from the FBI, Mr. McAleer served as an investigator with the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI), the investigative arm of the New Jersey Legislature. Mr. McAleer worked in this capacity for fourteen years, conducting investigations, interviews and developing evidence regarding State corruption issues.

Frank C. Tarallo

Frank C. Tarallo is retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration. His last position was the Associate Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, Miami Division. His duties included the planning, organizing and implementation of all law enforcement programs in the Miami and Caribbean areas. During his career, he held numerous foreign management positions in Milan and Rome, Italy and in Islamabad, Pakistan, as well as several other domestic positions.

Vincent Crovetti

Mr. Crovetti is a twenty-five year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration. He held several supervisory positions with the DEA for the past twelve years. Prior to that assignment, he held the rank of Inspector and conducted integrity investigations throughout the country. Mr. Crovetti also directed all in-service training for DEA for three years. Furthermore, Mr. Crovetti was a captain in the United States Marine Corps and was awarded several medals and citations for his service during the Vietnam War.

John C. Smith

Mr. Smith is a retired Federal Agent with 31 years of experience with the Drug Enforcement Administration. During his career, Mr. Smith conducted numerous high level criminal investigations targeting national and international drug traffickers. His investigations have been recognized by the DEA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and numerous other law enforcement authorities. Mr. Smith developed an expertise in many areas of investigative work including surveillance, collection of evidence, source debriefing, asset forfeiture and court testimony.

Mr. Smith is well known for his expertise in the areas of drug prevention as the Demand Reduction Coordinator for the DEA targeting schools, workplace and communities with drug prevention programs. Mr. Smith also coordinated background investigations and the Confidential Source Program during his career with the DEA.

William McGinn

Bill McGinn is a former agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration with 25 years of law enforcement experience. He is an expert in undercover operations and surveillance. He was the case manager on numerous several high profile cases involving both domestic and international investigations. Bill was the trauma team specialist leader dealing with critical situations. He also trained numerous local, state and federal law enforcement personnel. Mr. McGinn has ten years of experience as an FBI special investigator conducting comprehensive backgrounds.